Saturday, July 16, 2011

WTF Edition

Ok, so it's been a looooong while since I last posted something. Real Life kept me away from the net for a while but I'm back and here with some WTF moments in products.

The Fetus Cookie Cutter...this is pretty self explanatory but seriously, who in the world would want to eat cookies shaped like unborn babies!?

The Dog Masturbation Doll...again, self explaining but I wonder what kind of sick person wants a sex toy for their dog. One in which they have to clean out the lovely little pouch that holds the Really? You'd buy this for your dog?

The Playmobile Hazmat set. Really? You want your kids to pretend that they're hazardous waste collectors...well, alrighty then. No accounting for taste I suppose. And I actually really like Playmobile, they have awesome toys, but this one just left me scratching my head.

And last for this entry:

Cat Butt that again. CAT BUTT GUM. As in gum you chew...that tastes like cat butt? Or just comes in a cat butt shaped container? Cause either way, still sounds way too gross for me, sorry.

Until next time, stay strange my friends!