Thursday, September 30, 2010

Seat Savers... *facepalm*

Ok ok, I know these are all over the world of Blogs but it's always to applaud them. Well, this entry is not gonna do that, so if they hold a soft place in your hearts, look away dear readers, look away!

These things have been around since I was a kid and more probably way before then. I am 27 years old. I saw these in joke shops and novelty stores for ALL of my life and they are just now becoming popular? WTF? Really? *facepalm*

Ok, seriously, these things are jokes, they were meant for just this purpose or to freak out your mom when left on an expensive couch...and they've become the "It" thing in the last few months? Really? I just don't get merchandise fads then, because this seems a little weird even for my mind to wrap around. And the fact that EVERY blog I read and some I just skim on accident have an article applauding the "genius" that is the seat savers just boggles me. Does no one remember just how OLD this gimic is?

I swear...sometimes I wonder if anyone actually pays attention to the things around them. Again, these have been around for years...why are they suddenly so popular?!

Ugh...I just gave myself a headache. *rubs head and wanders off for the little pills to make it all go away*


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