Monday, November 22, 2010

Wait, what?

Tax authorities in Croatia asked the 1 month old baby of Snezana Kolar Tomic to provide proof that she didn't make any income in 2009...before she was even born!

I'm seriously wondering if the state of things in other parts of the world are so bad that the Tax people have to strongarm babies.

I mean, seriously? How can a baby even work in the womb, if that was at all possible which anyone with a brain knows it's not, but if so, how???

What, do they have a tiny desk in there with a mini laptop so they can collate? Or maybe they run a Pyramid Scheme by mail? You'd think the mom at the very least would notice that kind of thing.

This is definately not helping my whole "baby issue" thing...and the way America is acting lately, I can totally see this happenning here too. Which scares me.


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