Saturday, November 20, 2010

What the....Okay, why?

This is kind of scary and awesome at the same time:

ROBOCOP ON A UNICORN. Read that again, I'll wait.

Ok? Got that image firmly in mind? Good, we can continue.

For some reason this has become kind of a thing, artists have been making images of Robocop on a Unicorn for who knows what reason. Here's a sampling of just a few I've found:

And that's just a few! Ok ok, Robocop is awesome, Unicorns rule but put them together like this? You get equal parts nightmare fuel and uncontrollable least I do.

Though I do kind of think the cartoony tattoo is cute...what? I'm allowed to be both girly and tough at the same time, no law against that! *defensive shifty eye mode*

But...can someone explain to me why this is a "Thing"?


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