Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Product FAILS

These are products that I personally feel are fails in both the *apparent* need for them and also for just poor planning on designers parts. My opinion only, so take it all with a grain of salt and possinly a nice stiff drink to up the hilarity.

First we have...The BJ Light!
Really? You need a light for this? Ok, so going down on your man or woman may not be the most graceful thing at times but it's pretty easy to do with a ceiling light, floor lamp or candle giving you some sort of light in the room if you need it. Most do it in the dark so why need a light to begin with? Plus the fact that it looks like a headset for telemarketing...

Next we have... Chicken in a Can!
Ok ewww...gelatinous pre-cooked fowl in a it's own nasty gelatinous looking 'gravy'. I'm not even sure that is gravy and frankly, the idea of what it could be makes me ill. I've seen videos on YouTybe showing people eatting this stuff and gagged the whole time. In fact, most of them were gagging too so it's obviously as hideous in taste as it is in looks. I'd rather eat Spam.

And last, but certainly not least since I have a ton more weird things to add later, are the Horse Undies!
Seriously Japan, WTF!? I...I can't even talk about these save that they give whole new meaning to "Ride the Pony"...

Until next time my friends...stay weird!

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