Monday, April 26, 2010

Awesome and Strange Products

Ok, the world of consumerism is full of useful and not so useful things. It is also full of things that are either stupid or the things of nightmares. However, I present to you thing that I've found and want...badly.
They are either awesome to the extreme or weird enough to elicit fits of happy giggles when I think about them.
One day my pretties...I shall own you!

The Butter Stick from Japan...when I first saw this I wanted it and covet it to this day. How awesome would it be to have? No more knives, no more mess, just a simple twist tube of delicious buttery goodness!

The Cookie and Coffee cup...holy cow this is sweet! I want some of these, I really do but the only problem I see is if you tip the cup just a little your poor cookies will be on a rollercoaster ride to the floor...and that's so sad...

Designed by Jules Ponsioen and Jeremy Nagel the HOI Magazine Chair is the stuff of dreams to me. I'm a huge book person and having a chair that surrounds me in my beloved little paper retreats would be the be all and end all of my (eventual) library room. If only it didn't cost a small fortune...

Ok, ok I know this is just a watermelon, but look at that packaging! Godzilla has always been a fave monster of mine and this packaging just enforces his awesomeness in my opinion. You know you've all trampled mini lego or block cities pretending to be him when you were little, now you can pretend you're eatting his unborn offspring in all thier watermelony deliciousness!

*coughs and gets a hold of myself again*

Excuse me, let the awesome get to me, I apologize. But it's all still awesome in a strange way I think. Or maybe it's just me...either way, rock on all you creators of the awesome!

~Shara (wow, lot's of awesomes in this huh?)

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