Monday, April 26, 2010

Manswers, not just for Men

Manswers is a show on the Spike channel in America, not sure if they air it in other countries but they probably do. It's basically a show that asks questions that men want answers to and then promptly answers them using erotic and scantily clad ladies, funny demonstrations and just goofy maleness.

Now, as a woman part of me feels honor bound to be highly offended by this show that seems to revel in the testosterone laden entertainment but in reality I absolutely love it. Sure it's stupid, yes it's crude, but dammit it's funny! Examples of the questions they ask and the answers:

Which travels faster, man or sperm?
- Sperm scientifically travels 5 mph faster than the fastest man in the world.

How can you tell if she has saggy or firm tits before ripping her clothes off?
- How high it bounces when jogging. If it bounces higher then a 45 degree angle to her face, her tits are saggy. If it bounces lower then 45 degrees or barely at all, they are firm.

What would happen to a woman if she took natural male enhancement pills?
- High blood pressure. The amount of blood looking for a male's penis would not be able to find one hence raising blood pressure to a high level.

Ok, ok, so not everyone wants to know that or even needs to, but it's fun and goofy and sometimes it's a nice escape from all those totally retarded reality shows on TV nowadays. Plus, in a crude way it's actually scientific. So it's kind of like Mythbusters meets South Park. Yeah, that's a good analogy I think, pardon the respective creators if they take offense though!

So if you have a sense of humor, a strong stomach and can't be embarassed easily I highly recommend you check Manswers out!


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