Sunday, April 25, 2010

What the Hell?

Alright, I can't help but post this and before anyone says anything I'm not even going to bother with Bratz or Barbie for this one, it's too damn easy.

Why are we selling toys teaching our little girls to be sluts and hookers? Stripper bars? Hooker horses? WTF?! Do we really want our children growing up to think that that kind of thing is okay? Who thinks this is a good idea, seriously?!
If I had a daughter and I saw her playing with ANY of the toys out there that promote this kind of thing, she's getting a spanking and sent to her room for weeks if not months if I let her out at all.

When you're grown and know the repercussions, whatever, sell yourself and lose your dignity if that's what you want, but CHILDREN should never be involved or encouraged to do it!

I just don't understand the mentality behind designing these toys. Did they have a Think Tank for it? Someone pipes up in back saying "Stripper Poles for little girls! Horses dressed as hookers! Dolls that are slutty!" and everyone else cheered and applauded? I mean, seriously...why?!

It's almost like the newer generations have forgotten that class is a state of mind, not just something you have to deal with in school. When I was little, if I even thought about being slutty my parents whapped me upside the head, they didn't go out and buy me things to encourage it! I see little girls dressed in bikinis and high heels and clothes that no self respecting adult would be caught dead in unless they were ladies of the night for crying out loud!

It saddens me to think that in a few years I may have a child and it may be a think, raising the poor thing in a world that okay's the use and construction of tiny slut makes me shudder and my womb clench in fear and disgust. Any mother, or father for that matter, that buys these kind of toys for their children should be reported to child services and taken for a psych exam. And those that make them should just be taken out back and beaten for their sheer stupidity. But that's just my opinion, though I know I'm not alone in thinking it.


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